Rampant Obesity



My first soapbox that I’m going to jump up on should be a vegetable crate. (Pun intended) Greetings fitness fans, dieters and curious readers. In the process of setting this business up and designing my website, I was told that my blog or an article would be a great place to start conversation and chaos. Here you go.

I had just returned home from dropping off some business cards at a local business and watched a neighbor get out of her car with her two children. She is pregnant and the kids are about 1 1/2 and 3 years old. The thing that caught my eye was the fact that the littlest one was carrying his own bag of fast food. Mom had her’s and the drinks. I’m not saying this is an issue unless it sets up a lifelong routine of bad habits. Convenience isn’t always best.

I remember vividly, my father calling a radio station to recite the “Two all beef patties” jingle in under five seconds and what a treat it was to go out for burgers, ice cream or an occasional Sunday dinner. I am not against fast food or even buffets for that matter. I have done food challenges, but knew what it would take to work it off. Commitment! I still go out to eat and know that restaurants use bigger plates and portions to lure people back. It’s what the majority wants. (Pack up half and take it home for another meal). It bothers me to see a society of people that don’t go walk, ride a bike, throw a ball, have gym periods in school or exercise in general. You might say, “But I do walk”. Do you walk at a pace that increases your heart rate?

The American lifestyle of freedom to choose, has been coveted by many. Look around, we are a very diverse culture. Unfortunately for other countries now, the desire to become ‘Westernized’ is taking it’s toll. Some people are cashing in. A whole new line of clothing sizes with more X’s than there ever was, sturdier furniture, weight restrictions on rides, plane fees, and mobility scooter sales are through the roof.

I think my biggest struggle is with the acceptance of the epidemic. Children that are raised thinking that it is okay to have soda with each meal and in- between. The abuse of energy drinks, coffee style beverages for children, or sports drinks that may contain more sugar than anyone needs. I’ve heard in conversations that; it’s in our family genetics, or, my body traps fat in my abdomen, or I can’t get around like I used too. Some have true medical conditions that inhibit movement. Those are the majority of people that want to move. This is to the ones that choose not to find out what a single serving is, not the restaurant portion. To those that could use the stairs but won’t, or park as close as possible for whatever reason. It will take time and effort to achieve your goal. Keep pushing yourself!

If this makes you think about not eating in front of the TV, actually cooking a serving of fresh vegetables with your meal and going for a walk at a local park, then you are off to a great start. These are simple things to do that many don’t consider or have forgotten what it was like. Does a day of shopping at the mall or grocery store make your legs tired? Incorporate a little movement into your downtime. Are you afraid that doing air jump rope or running in place will make you look silly? The privacy of your own home is the place to begin. Then you can venture outside with pride.

In fitness, Bob

7 thoughts on “Rampant Obesity

  1. Connie Lee Rice

    OK Fitness Bob, here’s a question for you…how do you motivate me long distance? I was already overweight and I have gained weight since I quit smoking in January. I have a ten minute exercise routine that I try to do every day. I also ride my stationery bike often, not regularly though. One of my biggest problems is the splurge buy…standing at the check out counter with the candy bars is a killer! I just can’t keep focused on the weight loss. Any suggestions?


    • First off, congratulations on your quitting smoking! What an achievement! What are your specific goals that you want to work towards? Keeping your goal or goals in sight will help you get there. Do you ride your bike and go through your routine at the same time every day? Try scheduling time for yourself to exercise so that you do not get disrupted. Fitting in a ten minute session twice a day would benefit you more as well. Have you tried the self checkout lanes at the store to make the wait less? Grab yourself a bottle of water while you are at the store and drink it while in line. it will help to make you feel full. Just don’t forget to pay for it. You could always grab a bag of sunflower seeds instead of that candy bar also. Making these small changes will lead you towards better habits. I hope this helps you in your quest for fitness. In fitness, Bob


  2. Connie Lee Rice

    Well Bob, you have some very good ideas, thanks. My specific goal is to be able to wear size 12 clothes comfortably again! If I make that, then maybe shoot for size 10! No, I do not do my exercise routines at the same time, but now that I’m not working I could try that, morning and after dinner. I like the self check out lanes but my spouse does not! That’s a good idea for when I go to Walmart but not other stores. The water idea is good and maybe carry something with me, don’t like sunflower seeds, maybe those chick peas! Or maybe just send Bryan to the store all the time! I did ride my bike outside today and did 30+ laps around our pool. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, thanks.


    • Thank you for the kind words Connie, and welcome back! Without knowing your medical history, age, body fat percentage and current clothing size, among other bits of information, it would be difficult to give a generic answer. Just you knowing that you need to work into more of a routine for your workouts and drinking more water to curb cravings will help you. The single biggest hurdle I would address with you would be nutrition. Keeping a journal of your food and beverage intake and the times of day that you eat, will help us determine your bodies need for proper nutrition. A good balance of macro nutrients throughout the day to avoid insulin spikes would be a target. Tomorrow brings another opportunity to continue your journey. Keep up the bike riding and swimming, as they are both great low impact aerobic activities. Please feel free to send me an e-mail and we can discuss setting you up with a program that will assist you in obtaining your goal. In fitness, Bob

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  3. Mike

    Great ride on Saturday Bob. You did fantastic!!!! I really was going to finish. I remember feeling like mile 85 was enough, but we pushed on. Thanks for riding the last half with me. I am glad I waited and was going to wait no matter how long you guys were out there. Too bad on the miscommunication at that previous rest stop. I really appreciate your kindness and helpfulness.


  4. Fantastic post! I am always battling weight and as a blogger and a Mom, I like to pass off my “best” recipes – which are often the ones I don’t eat every day. When I do, I really try to practice portion control, and not just because I am cheap (I am, proudly so) but because of health, too.

    Being cheap and healthy actually costs so much less than what people think – per pound veggies are so much less than so many other foods, but I think as a society we don’t value them as much. And most of us have no idea of what a serving is!

    Tonight I made a small pot roast and cut a serving for myself, carved out a serving each for the son & his girlfriend and put the rest away in the fridge…with warnings not to touch it and to fill up on the salad which was chock full of good stuff, the lima beans, and tomatoes, which were left on the counter.

    My son grumbled, but no one left the table hungry!

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  5. Thank you. It can be very difficult to not eat until we are ‘full’. Congratulations to you for setting the rest aside. Not setting the entire dish out to be gobbled up, makes a huge difference. Eating healthy does not need to be expensive especially when practicing portion control. Frugality is wise.


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