When is there a “Good Day” to Not Go Work out?


Motivating others is one of the requirements to being a successful Personal Trainer. It also builds and teaches the client to see when and where they need to self motivate. Great improvements and goals are then reached when you can take the initiative upon yourself to get up and move. Awesome forward progress!

No Glass Slippers Here!

Lately, my brain tells me that there are more days to NOT go work out than days TO go work out.  I’m too busy at work, I have deadlines, I’m tired, I hurt, I need to study.  Yep, the excuses are out there by the millions.  However, lets face it, those days that you don’t WANT to go work out are really days you need it the most.  I can talk myself out of anything, I’m a pro at it.  Talking myself INTO something, I leave that to my husband.  Yep, he is my motivator, my “kick in the butt” to get me going.  Even on the days that I respond by acting like a spoiled rotten two year old by pouting and complaining, I will usually give in.  And when I do, something miraculous happens.  I go and all of a sudden I feel better and those excuses aren’t valid anymore.

At present…

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