When the Walls Start Closing In…


As a personal trainer, it comes as no surprise that I motivate others to seek their potential. My wife has overcome many obstacles, both physical and mental to continue to see her goals. When she stumbles, as we all do, I read this and remind her of the tiger that yearns to claw and fight its way out. Whatever your goal, or struggle, continue to push forward and believe in yourself.

No Glass Slippers Here!

Throughout the week I work well in my boxed in little cubicle.  Happily coding away, making sense of zeros and ones.  I enjoy finding the missing pieces to puzzles from data and analytic equations.  Numbers excite me.  The thrill of the chase even more so, in a way, I am a data Sherlock Holmes, and I love my “geekness”.  However, there is another side of me, the adventurer, the part of me that for over twenty-seven years was caged up and not permitted to show herself.  The pirate, the explorer, the archaeologist, the tiger.  This part of me wakes quietly and begins to pace from deep inside, gaining speed as she reaches the surface.  That is when it happens, when she hits the wall, my flesh, skin and bone on the inside, at that moment the walls begin to shrink in.  My comfortable little box whether it’s the cubical or my…

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