Hot & Smokin’ Po’ Boy Spice


This balance of flavors should be in a shaker with your go to seasonings. Sprinkled into soups, over vegetables, rice dishes, meats, seafood or a Bloody Mary, it will add the “Pop” you need. Thank you Frugal Hausfrau for this addition to my spice cabinet.

Frugal Hausfrau

When I make my Shrimp Po’ Boys, adapted from a Tyler Florence recipe – or should I say, fabulously frugalized, I always take a minute or two to whip up extra of this little spice mixture. It’s become a bit of a “house” seasoning.

Po Boy Spice Po Boy Spice

I’m taking a moment out here to see if you had a chance to go to the Ranting Chef and vote for my Denver Green Chili & see the recipe? The voting box is on the right hand side (it’s pink) and you just click the radial button and then press vote. It’s been neck & neck with AJ, darn his Chili Poutine! 

But back to this spice: does it seem to simple to be true? Well, almost, but the smoked paprika is the Stealth Ingredient, here. It differs quite a bit from the Creole and Cajun spice blends I often mix…

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