The Happiness Formula: How to Choose to Be Happy


Happiness is a choice. Everyday we are faced with choices and decisions to make. Making our choice, accepting the outcome, and having a sense of pride in our decision, are all a part of the process. If we are unhappy with that outcome, then we must choose to make the change that we wish to see. Expecting or waiting for others to make our choice, takes away our power and responsibility to choose.
Have you ever started your day off with a broken shoelace? Did you let this ruin your entire day? Why? Choose to be in control of how you want to live, day by day. This sounds like a simple approach, yet too many people trudge through each day trying to blame someone or something for their unhappiness. What a tremendous amount of wasted time and energy. Look inside, find your happiness and share it with someone else.
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The Happiness Formula, Let's Reach SuccessSource

Happiness is a choice.

At each moment of the day, you make a decision, whether you realize it or not. It’s the result of your attitude towards life. And whatever it is—positive or negative—it affects all the events, people, relationships, and basically whatever it is that you encounter in your life.

So, if you’re living a complicated life with so many things to do and no time for yourself, it’s your fault.
If you have exactly what you’ve wanted and are thankful for it every day, you’re the one to blame.
If you’re surrounded by negative people, have a job you hate and can’t even sleep at night because of the many thoughts that pop up in your head constantly, no one else is responsible for that but you.
If you’re doing what you love, work hard but still find time for yourself and those you love, it’s due to…

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