Recipe for Exercise


If you took some commitment, added in some perseverance and sweat, a dash of willingness, and then tossed it gently with your favorite goals, would you be happy with the outcome?

I would like your feedback on exercise. Don’t stop reading yet, I’m not asking for money. I know everyone in the blogging world puts their thoughts and/or ideas out to share, or to invoke an interest. That is what this is for me. This will take no more time than reading and replicating a recipe, so think of this as your recipe for exercise. As with all good recipes, please share this with your friends or reblog if you wish. Not everyone exercises, I get that. If you fall into that category,  please send me your families most guarded recipe. (Lasagna, cookies, pie, soup, you get the picture:)

Being relatively new to blogging and writing exercise prescriptions, I am looking for advice from my fellow bloggers and Facebook followers. What would your ideal recipe for exercise be? A recipe that you would make again, or commit yourself to. I have written a list of questions for my curiosity, but am also open to your personal creativity as well. I will be most grateful for your time and input.

Remember, this does not have to involve a gym or kitchen, you can exercise and cook outside. Just be careful to leave a safety zone around the grill. Of course I’m kidding, but seriously, be safe.

What do you do for exercise? Do you have a favorite routine or piece of equipment that you prefer? Is there an exercise or piece of equipment that you have always wanted to learn but for whatever reason have not? If you hired a Personal Trainer, what would you expect from him/her? Would you incorporate a guideline for your nutrition/eating habits? Would you dedicate a certain amount of time to working out, and if so how often? If you became comfortable with an exercise, would you be willing to try something different? You stayed with me this far, you might as well let me know what you think. Go ahead, I can take it.

Thank you, Bob

You can email your recipe to me at;

3 thoughts on “Recipe for Exercise

  1. I have to make this short (so excuse any typos – nails) although whenever I say that, shit drags on and on.
    For me, my recipe is normally executed 4 times a week with a minor effort like Pilates on the 5th day and either a sci-fi movie or some fast rap to support.
    The ingredients are largely around interval training; where I have a series of routines that rotate between cardio and toning specific features of my body.
    I execute each of them for either a number of reps or in short bursts of time.
    So for ex and this won’t be the best ex because I don’t remember them off the cuff like that but:
    Yesterday was 20 burpees, 40 chair squats, 15 pushups, 20 switch knee jumps, 40 side leg lifts (20 on each side) etc etc (with a few more. I don’t know the names of that would take too long to explain)
    There’s like 10-12 of these total and then I’ll execute the whole procedure again.
    After running through it twice, then I’ll go down to the ground for some hands and knees work and maybe some abs.
    I say maybe because my abs are somewhat natural where as long as I keep fat off them (basically watch what I eat), I don’t need to do much to define them.
    After the ground game, I end with 100 walking lunges (tally 50 for each leg), with a raised knee after each one.

    Then I cry myself to sleep from all the pain 😀

    Nah but I do this because if I don’t push myself, what’s the point, you know?
    So because of this or general boredom, I’m always switching up my routine.
    A couple years ago I took up MMA which taught me BJJ, Muay Thai and boxing.
    I got so good at it and after a few belt changes, they started signing me up for fights.
    By the 2nd summer and one disqualification (her, not me), I was bored and moved onto Pilates for a few months.
    And now I’m at Interal Training.
    I hate knowing that I have to do it but once I begin, it’s not so bad. The key seems to be to take my mind off the # of reps which is where the sci-fi movies comes in.

    Gotta go Bob,
    Hope this helps 🙂


  2. My exercise routine consists of pretty much doing something, anything, as soon as I get a few minutes. Some days I do squats while pushing my kids at the swings, others I walk up and down stairs while carrying my boys, at times I get to sneak to the garage and actually lift some weights. I guess you could say I don’t really have a routine. I sm always willing to try something new and always choose to do something active when given the opportunity. Needles to say I don’t dedicate any certain amount of time to fitness but I make sure to move my body daily. I would be down to incorporate nutrition guidelines as I feel that nutrition is key to proper health. My favorite piece of equipment is possibly the body. Although for convenience sake I love tubing as I can bring it with me to playgrounds easily. If I were to hire a trainer today it would be mainly for motivation, consistency, and inspiration. I would also expect my trainer to push me in a safe manner. That’s all I got time for for now Bob!!

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