8 Weight-Loss Tips That Might Surprise You (From New Research)


Exercise should not be something you dread or avoid doing. It can be an activity you enjoy, whether it is a dance class, bicycling, or other form of constant movement, the key is to stay engaged.
The same thing applies to the foods we eat. They should be nutritious and enjoyed.
This article points out ways to keep you mentally focused on staying healthy, without pushing difficult or unrealistic expectations your way.
As long as we incorporate a healthy life change into our daily routine, we will succeed in our goals.
In fitness, Bob

Our Better Health

Some of these tips on weight loss and comfort food, exercise, the emotions and more might surprise you.

1. Look at loads of pictures of food

It’s the most unlikely weight-loss trick ever: looking at endless pictures of foods can make them less enjoyable to eat, a recent study has found.

While a few photos might enhance the appetite, contrary to what you’d expect, people are actually put off the taste by looking at loads of pictures of food.

Professor Ryan Elder, who led the study, which is published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, said:

“In a way, you’re becoming tired of that taste without even eating the food.
It’s sensory boredom — you’ve kind of moved on. You don’t want that taste experience any more.”

2. Play Tetris (or similar)

Just three minutes of playing Tetris can reduce cravings for food, cigarettes and alcohol, according to a new…

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