Too Much Sitting Can Be Deadly – Even if You Exercise


Even more reason to move more. Fidgeting, taking the stairs, parking a little farther out, standing more, are all great examples of extra movement that we can and should incorporate into our daily lives. .

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Researcher suggests ways to include movement in your day that goes beyond that hour at the gym.

Regular exercise doesn’t erase the higher risk of serious illness or premature death that comes from sitting too much each day, a new review reveals.

Combing through 47 prior studies, Canadian researchers found that prolonged daily sitting was linked to significantly higher odds of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and dying.

And even if study participants exercised regularly, the accumulated evidence still showed worse health outcomes for those who sat for long periods, the researchers said. However, those who did little or no exercise faced even higher health risks.

“We found the association relatively consistent across all diseases. A pretty strong case can be made that sedentary behavior and sitting is probably linked with these diseases,” said study author Aviroop Biswas, a Ph.D. candidate at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-University Health Network.

“When we’re standing, certain…

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3 thoughts on “Too Much Sitting Can Be Deadly – Even if You Exercise

  1. I cannot agree more! Using a pedometer is a sure way to know if i have been moving enough. Even if i work out i dont always hit my steps goal, seeing that is a good motivation to go for a walk after dinner or run around in circles with the kids 😉 Working definitely doesnt mean one is active enough.

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    • Very true. I just started wearing a pedometer that was issued through my wife’s work. It is a rewards program for activity. I believe it is a good approach but how sad that it has come to rewarding employees to become or stay healthy. It use to be a part of life. I know it is probably an “on the fence” issue of whether it is right or wrong, but… Anyhow, I’m not complaining and will take advantage of a rewards program.

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