My First 5k Goal: Mission Accomplished


This is a true testimonial of perseverance. A story from someone not unlike you or I, and probably similar to someone you know. A friend, relative, or even a coworker, just an ordinary person that is not a celebrity to have their successes blasted all over the media to gain attention.
For some to look back and think, three miles was nothing, to a beginner on a long journey, this is truly phenomenal.
I always embrace hearing stories of successes, because to that individual it is greater than the universe. To feel their excitement, struggle, achievement, pain and accomplishment it very uplifting.
This is my wife’s story of running her first 5k. Overcoming morbid obesity and the challenges that came with it, are being left, piece by piece with every step to success.
I hope you enjoy her story and remember the struggles that you have overcome to be the person that you are today.
In fitness, Bob

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My First 5k Goal:  Mission Accomplished

March 23, 2015

In the winter of 2013, I made myself a goal.  With my increased energy and growing love of fitness, I had promised myself that I would be able to run a 5k.  As it turned out, my life became so busy that the summer of 2014 was gone in a blink of an eye.  Over the winter, I found a special love/hate relationship with running.  I dread doing it, but when I do all of my worries fade away.  I pick up the beat and I feel free again.  My inner tiger is all happy again.  So in January, in the midst of a back slide of depression and weight gain, I revisited that goal.  With some help and encouragement from new friends, a few co-workers and my wonderful personal trainer husband, I felt it was a goal I could reach…

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