Recipe for Exercise


If you took some commitment, added in some perseverance and sweat, a dash of willingness, and then tossed it gently with your favorite goals, would you be happy with the outcome?

I would like your feedback on exercise. Don’t stop reading yet, I’m not asking for money. I know everyone in the blogging world puts their thoughts and/or ideas out to share, or to invoke an interest. That is what this is for me. This will take no more time than reading and replicating a recipe, so think of this as your recipe for exercise. As with all good recipes, please share this with your friends or reblog if you wish. Not everyone exercises, I get that. If you fall into that category,  please send me your families most guarded recipe. (Lasagna, cookies, pie, soup, you get the picture:)

Being relatively new to blogging and writing exercise prescriptions, I am looking for advice from my fellow bloggers and Facebook followers. What would your ideal recipe for exercise be? A recipe that you would make again, or commit yourself to. I have written a list of questions for my curiosity, but am also open to your personal creativity as well. I will be most grateful for your time and input.

Remember, this does not have to involve a gym or kitchen, you can exercise and cook outside. Just be careful to leave a safety zone around the grill. Of course I’m kidding, but seriously, be safe.

What do you do for exercise? Do you have a favorite routine or piece of equipment that you prefer? Is there an exercise or piece of equipment that you have always wanted to learn but for whatever reason have not? If you hired a Personal Trainer, what would you expect from him/her? Would you incorporate a guideline for your nutrition/eating habits? Would you dedicate a certain amount of time to working out, and if so how often? If you became comfortable with an exercise, would you be willing to try something different? You stayed with me this far, you might as well let me know what you think. Go ahead, I can take it.

Thank you, Bob

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Ten Minute Exercise Benefits


Most people that don’t exercise, state that they do not have the time. In this busy world where we try to micro manage as much as we can, exercise takes a back seat. WHY? Do you have 10 minutes?

Bouts of exercise lasting as little as 5 minutes have proven to be effective and most people can find 10 minutes here and there. Do you find yourself in front of the TV after eating? Commit to walking in place during commercials. You will drop fat and triglyceride levels in your bloodstream. You will also lower your blood pressure.

A study in Preventative Medicine in 2006 found that sedentary individuals that worked out in multiple  6 minute sessions, reached their fitness goals similar to those achieved by individuals working out for 30 minutes. This does not mean that a less is more approach, is a cure all. Only use this as a means to fill in gaps or to begin adapting to exercise.

You need to work up to 30 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week. If using the 5 minute approach, the math brings that to 6 times a day or 3, 10 minute bouts a day.

Mini workouts can be daily tasks such as sitting down then returning to a standing position. Setting an object on the floor, standing up then retrieving it. When doing these types of movement, make sure your posture is in correct form.

There are many apps now that you can download to design yourself a routine based on the amount of time you want to devote, the muscle group you want to work and whether you want a cardio or body weight routine. Sworkit is a good one and even shows you how to do the exercise. It is a personal trainer program on the go. Don’t forget about isometric exercise as well. Remember, ten minutes will make a difference!

To fellow blogger Frugal Hausfrau, I hope this helps. I believe that the flood of interest in shorter workouts is due to the increasing fact that we are becoming an obese society. We also fill our days with more tasks and therefore don’t see how we can fit more in.So now the push is to motivate those who do not exercise, to at least try to get in smaller amounts of exercise. However the body will adapt to repeated movement within a few weeks and the need to be challenged must be met. New movement, faster motion, a different routine or a longer session will do. Don’t think walking is a challenge? Speed it up or vary the pace. Try walking backwards, you will recruit new muscles. Hop, skip, jump or sidestep. Whatever you choose for your ten minutes, just keep at it!

In fitness, Bob