Patriots Day – September 11


As I sit here contemplating the significance of this day for myself, I also remember the Importance of taking the time to think of the countless numbers of lives that have been affected as well.

It was on this day that the first attack was made in New York, on the Twin Towers. My wife was to be in Tower Two that day working for the SEC and CFTC. Thankfully she had the worst, and best case of food poisoning in her life. She had to call in sick that day. I, like so many others, can recall vividly where I was at the moment I heard of the first crash. I was in Prescott, Arizona delivering concrete. My wife and I had not yet reconnected since high school.

I am not going into too much detail, simply remembering the lost lives and my own good fortune. Take a minute and remind yourself of how fortunate each one of you are for all that you have.