Finger Food



My wife and I don’t do the mini tacos, stuffed mushrooms, breaded zucchini or other mini finger food treats that some people enjoy. We also chose not to go out.
So anyhow, we stayed in after picking up clam, octopus, salmon, tuna, scallops and a spicy tuna roll.
I sliced those babies up and we devoured them. Sushi, home style for 2015.
Happy New Year, be safe and healthy.


4 thoughts on “Finger Food

  1. Reblogged this on No Glass Slippers Here! and commented:
    This quick blog is from my Husband’s fitness blog. We truly had a wonderful New Year’s Eve, sushi and Non-alcoholic Sparkling White Grape Juice. There is nothing better then truly enjoying your life and starting the new years with eyes wide open.


    • That is funny. I didn’t think you would comment on this at all. However, it was a super healthy snack and just right to ring in a new year. We saved $60 by doing this ourselves. For me, it is the flavor of the ocean and the different textures that I find fascinating. I hope that your husband has the opportunity to indulge occasionally. LOL


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